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The Honorable Director of Tuli College Hotel Management Dr. Urvashi Yashroy Addressing the student for Career opportunities 

Non-stop learning and evolution the pathway to success !!

When I completed my hotel management W course back in 1988, long hours in the Industry were not common for a woman, but now all industries func tion the same way. I started my career as a visiting faculty in two colleges in 1994 and real ized at that point of time that there was a lot to give in education, espe cially in the hotel field.

Back then, no one was ready to take up the challenge of teaching continental and bakery skills and impart accu rate skills to students. Nagpur lacked basic awareness of continen tal food and there was no appreciation or


inkling to even experiment in this regard. The journey has not only been a learning experience but also very rewarding. I have headed and contributed to many committees at the state level and am also representing the Hotel Management Association as a sec retary since 2011.

With a doctorate in hospitality marketing from Nagpur University, I am contributing to the balanced and healthy growth of pro fessionals in our industry and guiding

industry professionals in their journey It is vital to be an ardent learner and continue to imbibe in oneself the latest trends in the industry Being fearless in my approach is what keeps me going.

The author is director, Tuli College of Hotel Management


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