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Management lessons from Ganpati

Ganpati Bappa Morya

Its strange how religion and management go long way to teach us many strategies Since it is time for Ganpati pooja , a ten day long festivities , lets see how an elephant God can teach us how to be adept at business skills.

Lord of wisdom is known so because of many virtues he displays only by being an elephant God

A visionary himself with eyes smaller than usual , to stay focused and develop foresight , a quality extremely essential as a business man

We learn Team Building- as he is the one for whose pooja community comes together and as one entity does pooja for 10 days . He imbibes in us that just being together is not enough , but listening to all and absorbing anything against the other  and not letting it affect the harmony in the group is the essence of the team

Listening to every thing and every one and not gossiping in open , but using that information appropriately is a quality displayed for leadership. A good leader stays humble , yet rises above the nitty gritty s of the daily life. Ganpati sits with his one foot on the ground and the other under him , keeping himself grounded at the same time  above the mundane . A leader helps other to rise ,ganpati is the one sees beauty in trivial thing such as grass and gives its due importance by putting it close to self, in the form of Durva  , meaning no one in this world is lesser than the other , every one and everything has unique qualities and that sets them apart. His big forhead is a sign of open mindedness and acceptance


Never never Give up- His imperfect body has never been a deterrent in any activity , finding perfection in imperfection is one aspect , one needs to nurture to grow in business .Situations and circumstances will never be the way we want but finding beauty in imperfection and being adaptive and flexible is something we need to develop to be ahead in business . His long trunk symbolises adaptability and his ability to love with ears that listen to all but take in only the good A successful business is run not on gossips , you hear it all but do not respond to any

Commitment – Ganesh had promised Rishi Vyas to write Ramayan , since he lacked the device to do so , he broke one tusk to complete writing and fulfil what he was meant to do His sacrifice for his word  gives him the power to be labelled as vighanharta Thus giving him the name Ekdanata , it also symbolises oneness No two souls are different , we are one soul . It shows the dedication towards what has been committed

Returns on investment  to the above investments , you make for your business the returns will be very high in terms of Respect. His four hands symbolise limitless inputs , disconnecting the vices that may creep in, he hold an axe , when he holds a jute cord , symbolising that we have to put limits for self whenever required , one hand is always in blessing position, keep giving to others without expecting back and one ladoo in hand depicts ,never get drowned in the sweetness , happiness of the ethical work that you will be putting in , Just observe  from distance and relish the out come of the good deeds , you have done

Time Management

Ganesh pooja comes just before all festivities come in and leave us with a message to stay wise in our approach in future strategies during festivities.

In business being pro active is what is required , leading to better planning , enough time and energy to implement , timely actions and decisions to lead it to success and control any un-towards actions in time

The mythology is a form of story that helps us understand , how to lead life Respect and imbibe the teachings and surely will lead to success


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